Try and Sub in our Homemade Pita Bread $1.75 more…its Delicious

Steak Subs – All 11″ Sub Roll or Wrap

Steak Subs include: (Fried Onion, Lett, Tom, Mayo)

Beef Steak or Chicken Steak   $6.85

Add mushroom or Gr.Pepper   $7.25

Special Steak w/ Ch, Mush & Gr.Pepper   $7.70

Add banana peppers or jalapenos   $7.75

Pizza Steak w/ Ch.Sauce, Fd.Onion, Lett   $7.25

BBQ Bella Steak w/ Fd.Onion & Gr.Pep   $7.00

Extra Steak to any sub   $1.90

Pita Bread add $1.75


Hot Subs- All 11″ Sub roll or Wrap

Meatball with Cheese   $6.75

Sausage with Cheese   $6.75

Eggplant Parm with Cheese   $6.75

Chicken Parm with Cheese   $7.25

Pizza Bread w/ Pepperoni   $6.50

Sausage w/ Cheese fried On & Gp  $7.25

Buffalo Chicken Sub or Wrap  $7.35

Chicken Tortilla Wrap   $7.25

KC tortilla Wrap (ground beef, taco seasoning, lettuce, tomato, ranch, Mozzerella cheese)   $7.25

Chicken Bacon Ranch w/cheese   $7.50

Pulled Pork on Bun w/ fries, slaw on side   $7.00


Cold Subs- All 11″ Sub roll or Wrap

Available Toasted Includes Oil/Vinegar, Lett, Tom, Mayo

Ham and Cheese   $6.75

Italian (Salami, Capicolla ham, Prov Ch)   $7.25

Turkey Sub   $6.75   w/cheese   $7.25

Tuna Sub   $6.75   w/cheese   $7.25

Veggie Sub (Prov Ch Onion,Gr.Pepp, Mush)   $6.75

Bella Club (Turk,Ham,Bacon,Cheese, Mayo,Tom,Lett)   $8.00

Extras on Subs   .65

Try any Sub in our Homemade Pita Bread $1.75 more…its Delicious


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Prices do not include tax and are subject to change without notice